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10 Reasons to Use an AI

Ten reasons why you should use an AI

So why do I need an architectural ironmonger to write a schedule?

  1. A detailed ironmongery specification is extremely important, as it ensures the requirements of security, fire safety, disabled access and functionality are met across the whole building.  It also ensures that the requirements of legislation and regulations are achieved. If the doors in a building don’t work properly, the building isn’t going to work properly because people aren’t able move around safely and easily, the building will not be secured, and it won’t be fire safe either. The success of the building lies within the success of the doors.
  2. Up to date knowledge: the legislation and regulations around door specifications are changing constantly. And it is vital to get it right. A Registered Architectural Ironmonger (Reg AI) has to keep up to date with all of the changes in the industry by being a qualified GAI Diploma holder and then continually updating and refreshing that knowledge with an annual CPD programme, so you can be sure that using a Reg AI to schedule the doors in your project will ensure that everything is compliant and ship  shape on every door from the riser cupboards to the front entrance.
  3. Compliant: under the Fire Regulatory Reform Order, a buildings “Responsible Person” is legally responsible for the correct fire doors being specified, installed, and maintained. In the event of a fire, that Responsible Person can be asked to show that they took reasonable steps to ensure the fire doors were compliant. The changes brought about by Brexit are also pertinent. And of course, in the wake of the Grenfell fire, changes to building regs and the Fire Safety Reform Act will also bring in important changes. Have you got time to keep up to date with all of that? Maybe not? Then find a qualified architectural ironmonger whose job it is to do just that.
  4. Architectural ironmongers have spent years, in our case, decades, building up relationships with myriad suppliers, manufacturers, architects and contractors. This gives them access to a huge range of products, services and solutions that can help your project go smoothly and with style and confidence.
  5. It’s worth saying again, that legislation is constantly changing, and one crucial part of building compliance is checking and ensuring the products’ third-party accreditation. Your AI will handle all that for you as part of the scheduling process – that’s got to be a weight off your mind. 
  6. FOC! Did you know that, as qualified, experienced, experts in our field, we offer our scheduling service free of charge. Best value ever!
  7. Saving money: we can work with you to design a scheme that suits your budget, as well as your design vision. Never cutting corners, never short changing end users
  8. Designing, building, and delivering beautiful, functional buildings is an exercise in collaboration and that’s what we do best, collaborating with designers, architects, contractors, and clients to produce a hardware scheme that works for everyone. By getting us involved early in the project cycle you can eliminate the worry of blown budgets or failed inspections.
  9. It’s one thing to deliver on budget. But can you deliver on time? Using an architectural ironmonger will minimise the risk of running late. Sourcing products and product availability are two of the biggest challenges facing the building industry right now. Use an AI that has excellent contacts, great relationships with suppliers, and, in some cases, stock on the shelves (and in our case, supplying the industry for over 50 years)
  10. Good looks: use an ironmonger to schedule your whole building and they will make sure that the aesthetics work perfectly throughout the whole scheme – from washrooms to boardroom doors.