Access Control

An effective access control system is not simply a security system. It also regulates and monitors the safety, security and integrity of a building, a room, or site. It controls who can enter and when, giving building owners the opportunity to manage who has access, at what time, and for what reason, protecting both property and people.

Hybrid Access Control

Our access control solutions work in harmony with a building’s other security and safety systems to provide an auditable and manageable process from handling visitors via a video entry system right through to staff management schemes that integrate with HR.

The systems can be based on:

  • Something you have – such as a card or fob. We can offer full RFID systems, smart solutions and more
  • Something you know – like a code or password
  • Something you are – like a fingerprint, palm, iris or full facial recognition system (Biometric Solutions).
  • We can design, supply and install full access control solutions nationwide