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Unless you have been living in a social media black-out zone, you cannot fail to have noticed that black door and cabinet hardware is BIG! In both traditional and modern settings, black door hardware is having a moment. What’s the story with black hardware, and how can you incorporate it into your next design project?

In architectural design and interior decoration, the significance of door hardware is sometimes underestimated. While elements like colour schemes, lighting and furniture take precedence in the planning stages, the choice of door hardware can profoundly influence a space’s overall aesthetic and feel – after all, it is often the only part of a space that every user will interact with.

The finish of door hardware is a subtle yet powerful element in interior design: it can either harmonise with the existing elements of a room or provide a striking contrast. Consider a standard room characterised by white walls and neutral furnishings. Introducing black hardware, such as the Em-B 6045 lever on rose with a pipe grip handle with a matte black finish, can instantly lift the room’s ambience, adding a layer of sophistication and modernity.

Black door hardware is perhaps unique as a finish in that it works equally well in traditional or modern settings, an element that complements a wide range of interior themes. In industrial-style interiors, for example, matte black door hardware, with its dark contrast hinges and stark handles, harmonises perfectly with the raw textures of exposed brick, distressed metal, and reclaimed wood. But black door hardware is equally at home in a Victorian cottage-style interior. Black tulip and beehive knobs and scrolled handles have stood the test of time, now replicated in modern materials.

The appeal of black hardware lies in its elegant simplicity and ability to make a bold statement without overwhelming a space. Its versatility is evident in its compatibility with a wide range of colour schemes and materials. From stark modern interiors to more traditional settings, black hardware adds a layer of sophistication. It can also serve as a dramatic focal point in a room, especially against a backdrop of neutral or light colours.

When incorporating black hardware into a design scheme, you should consider some factors to make sure that it enhances the space effectively:

  • Architectural Style: black hardware should complement the overall architectural style of the space.
  • Design Impact: decide whether the hardware is intended as a subtle accent or a bold statement piece.
  • Finish: matte black hardware offers a subdued, elegant look, while glossy finishes can add a more dramatic flair.
  • Texture and Material: exploring different textures in black hardware can add depth and interest to the design.
  • Consistency: ensure the black hardware is used cohesively throughout the space to maintain design continuity.

If you have an interior design scheme that you would like to match hardware for, why not try using our mood board facility on our website, or call one of our team today on 0113 2459559 to discuss finding the perfect hardware for you.

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