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When To Choose A Pull Handle For Your Door

Door handles provide a dual purpose for your home. They are a practical means of operating the door as it’s designed, but they can also be an aesthetic addition to the home. So a door handle can be both a functional item and also a way to elevate the door to make it special. This is why door handles are an important consideration and when you have options such as door knobs, lever handles and pull handles, you need to be sure you are making the right decision.

What is a pull handle?

Pull handles are a common type of door handle and are primarily for internal use only. They consist of one length of material attached to the door with two screws called ‘centres’, and which can be attached either vertically or horizontally. The user grips hold of the long handle to open the door, and hence the handle supports the pulling action and spreads the weight across a larger area.

When are pull handles commonly used?

Spreading the weight by using a pull handle makes the pulling action easier and therefore, pull handles are particularly useful for heavy doors. They are also used frequently for sliding doors, because you can achieve a much firmer grip and apply more force to more easily open the heavier door. This also applies to patio doors.

Pull handles are often only fitted to one side of a door, because on the reverse you just need a blank plate to push the door open. However, because of the force often applied with a pull handle, it helps if they are well fitted to a door of good quality, such as a hard or softwood door. This is because the pull handle may require tightening more often if it works loose. Other considerations when choosing whether a pull handle is appropriate is the height of the door, whether it is practical to fit the handle at an appropriate fixing height, and the style and finish of the handle in terms of your surrounding décor.

Different types of handle

The pull handles supplied by EM-B can be fitted vertically or horizontally and are appropriate for doors as well as drawers and cabinets. Our range consists of rounded, curved or straight grips and the finish can be stainless steel or chrome, or can be a two-tone with a coloured centre to the grip. You should easily be able to find a style that suits your internal décor in terms of design and finish.

Our range of Kupe Essentials Lever handles are slightly different to pull handles in that they come in pairs and are fitted to both sides of the door as a connecting mechanism. The lever is lifted up and down accordingly to open the door. Lever handles can be straight, angular or curved, but our range is sleek and minimalist in a very contemporary style, and each item has a small rounded backplate. The finish is usually satin stainless steel or polished chrome.

To accompany your lever handles we would recommend escutcheons and turns where locking is required. These are a range of plain or Euro circular backplates and two-piece ‘turn and release’ locking mechanisms usually used for internal toilets and bathrooms. There are many more choices of finish for these items, including black, bronze and stainless steel.

Deciding on your type of handle

We have an extensive range of door handles and accessories at EM-B and you can browse our range to find the most suitable for you. But if you need some expert help our sales team are on hand to speak with you. We can recommend the right type of door handle for the size, style and usage of your doors and ensure you have practical, cost-effective and great quality door handles for many years to come, so get in touch today.

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