Invisibledoors® is a range of concealed frame doorsets, designed to create a perfectly seamless finish to enhance and enrich contemporary interiors. With a range of sizes and specifications for any application, Invisibledoors® can be painted, veneered, laminated or tiled so they simply melt into any design scheme for a flawless minimalist finish.

Invisibledoors® are also a breeze to fit, supplied as a complete doorset with everything needed for speedy installation and pre-cut rebates for hinges or pivots. Doors up to FD120 fire-rating and acoustic properties complete the Em-B Kupe range.

Una Riser


The Invisibledoors® Una Riser provides a solution to concealing riser doors and service cupboards. They use the same principal system as the standard Invisibledoors® Arriva but can be made to a bespoke size and can be 3- or 4- sided.


Invisibledoors® is an innovative solution to the longstanding problem of concealing riser doors flush with the wall while ensuring they remain durable, functional and easy-to-fit.  Ideal for halls and stairways in apartments blocks, office blocks, hospitals, leisure centres, schools, colleges where riser cupboards need to be made as unobtrusive as possible.

System Features:

  • Visible or concealed hinges
  • Fire tested to FD30 and FD60
  • Acoustically tested
  • Touch latches and budget locks can be used
  • 3- or 4-sided frames