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York Arc Light

The York Arc Light Project is a direct access shelter aiming to address the issue of homelessness in York. Set up by Jeremy Jones in 1999, Arc Light has always operated at the cutting edge of service provision and its plans for a new building were recently identified as the flagship project in Central Government’s nationwide ‘Hostel Capital Improvement Program’ (H.C.I.P), which hopes to change the face of homelessness entirely. The H.C.I.P has granted Arc Light £1.65 million to build a new facility to house York’s homeless by 2007.

Winner of Residential Building Category – RIBA / GAI Architectural Ironmongery Specification Awards – 2008/9

What we offered

A Salto system satisfied the need for both security and accessibility throughout the building. Controlled egress and management is possible due to the access control installed throughout the project. The proximity activated lever sets also complement the contemporary and colourful design of the interior.

Robust round bar return OGRO (BS EN 1906 Category 3-4) lever furniture was specified in other areas, taking into consideration the DDA and the need to be used in a high frequency area, with the possibility of misuse