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Stylish And Effective Architectural Ironmongery

Architectural ironmongery often gets forgotten during the process of choosing access control solutions, but it is an important feature of the functional design and is far more than just a decorative after-thought when deciding how to finish off your access control design. Evidence of this exists in the breadth and popularity of our architectural ironmongery range, which has been designed with basic functionality in mind first and foremost. But this is delivered along with the high levels of security and assurance required, as well as how the various designs can complement a building’s overall look.

At EM-B we have experience of working across many different industrial sectors, such as healthcare, education, commercial and residential, so we know what demands are put on access control systems, but also how different properties have different architectural needs. This is reflected in our range of architectural ironmongery, which contains a wide range of products which fit the design remit of being functional, reliable and effective, while also being stylish and appealing. Given the wide range of businesses we work in, this has led to many design challenges, but EM-B always rises to the occasion.

Lever handles

Our range of lever handles contains products which are well-designed to be both durable and appealing. It covers styles which range from antique to contemporary and therefore there is something to suit every type of property. The lever handle is a classic design and the range of finish materials includes brass, silver, bronze, aluminium, stainless steel, nickel and chrome. Furthermore, you can choose designs which have inserts in the handles, such as leather, for an extra touch of quality.

Pull handles

Pull handles are another enduring design which never go out of fashion, and certainly you will find a style of handle which perfectly complements the doors and fittings in your building. Again, these handles are sleek, elegant and stylish and yet robust and effective. Most of these designs could be described as minimalist and contemporary, but such a classic design will never look out of place whichever style you choose.

Escutcheons and turns

Our range of escutcheons and turns show how simple access control can be, while still being effective and reliable. We have a huge variety of lockable mechanisms which are robust but discreet, and ideal for when a complex system is simply not required. Sometimes the best systems are straightforward and unsophisticated, but tried and tested, and these classic designs can solve your access control issues cost-effectively and with an ease of installation also.

Contact EM-B for all your access control needs

The pillars of our design strategy are to provide access control systems that are consistently dependable. That is, after all, the fundamental objective of a security system. But our years of experience and our access to quality craftsmanship and high standards means we can supply your business with style and sophistication to back-up the type of access control you need.

So contact EM-B today to discuss price and availability of our architectural ironmongery, and we can help you with a comprehensive access control system that is strong and effective, but also looks fantastic and is an asset to your business.

Knurled pull handles satin brass
Knurled pull handles satin brass