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The Importance Of Quality Architectural Ironmongery In Building Design – How Choosing Appropriate Hardware Is Good Aesthetically And For Functionality

The term architectural ironmongery essentially covers the hardware products that help to enhance the architectural features of the home, such as doors and windows. You may consider these to be relatively inconsequential features, but there are more architectural needs than you realise in the average home, and it may surprise you how much you notice architectural ironmongery, particularly if you make a bad choice.

Architectural ironmongery reflects the vision you have for your home, and in both a practical and aesthetic sense. It demonstrates the standards you have and how much attention you pay to detail, it also shows that you value longevity and character in the products you choose for the home. This is a big statement, particularly to those who share your kind of vision. Looking at architectural ironmongery in more detail, what are the main qualities you need to see to provide a suitable finish to your home and to enhance it for now, and in the future?

Quality design

Choosing a good standard of architectural ironmongery demonstrates that you have an eye for quality. The better the products you choose the more robust they will be. They will be manufactured to industry standards, using quality materials and adopting traditional procedures that have been successful for many generations. Quality hardware, such as door handles (lever handles and pull handles), locks and hinges are tested to industry standards and are therefore consistent in every detail. This can enhance security where this is a factor, but also provides longevity and value for money.

Aesthetic appeal

There is undoubtedly an element of class and style about architectural ironmongery that mimics classic period designs. These styles are enduring and omni-present for a reason, because they are consistent in every detail, but also because they present character and visual appeal and can provide the basis for an overall interior design theme. You may feel that architectural ironmongery is a minor detail, and in some ways it is, but choose the wrong style, size or type of design and you will notice these little details and the inconsistency will be visually apparent, and will irritate you every day until you change it.


While the character and visual appeal of architectural ironmongery is obviously important, you can’t forget that it carries a valuable practical function. Good quality architectural hardware is manufactured to standards suitable for fire safety and structural safety. The best manufacturers and suppliers of architectural ironmongery, such as EM-B, are members of the Guild of Architectural Ironmongery (GAI) which dictates that they adhere to industry regulations and methods of best practice. This ensures the products you receive are fit-for-purpose and suitable from a design perspective.

Contact EM-B for the very best architectural ironmongery

Architectural ironmongery done well can drive the interior design scheme of your home, and helps to carry it from room to room with consistency and quality. It is also a central focus from which you can embellish your interior design and allow it to go in different directions. So contact our team at EM-B and we can advise you on the best types of architectural ironmongery to fully complete the functional and aesthetic appeal of your home.     

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