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What Are Escutcheons And Turns?

In some domestic settings security and privacy are extremely important and while you need a functional solution to this in terms of your internal ironmongery, you also want that solution to be visually appealing and to suit other elements of your interior décor. This is where escutcheons and turns become an important consideration.

Understanding the function of escutcheons and turns

Escutcheons and turns are a range of internal ironmongery used on internal doors where locking or privacy is required. Turn and releases are most frequently used for toilets, bathrooms and en-suites, where privacy maybe required.

Escutcheons is a decorative cover plate that covers over the key hole of a lock, this key hole design can vary depending on the lock type, the keyhole type could be a simple key shape or cylinder shape (oval or euro) available in various finishes, sizes and designs to complement the rest of your ironmongery.

The two-piece turn and release systems incorporate a thumb-turn mechanism and an indicator plate. The thumb-turn mechanism is installed on the inside of the door so the occupant can lock the door from the inside. The indicator plate is fitted to the outside of the door and usually has a slot which allows the lock to be released in an emergency situation. However, the primary purpose of the indicator plate is to show whether or not the toilet or bathroom is occupied. This is indicated by the angle of the slot, but some designs will turn red when the lock is activated and will show green when it is not, and therefore is free.

Our range of escutcheons and turns

Most of our range of escutcheons and turns are supplied with a finish option of either polished stainless steel or satin stainless steel. However, some have a finish option of Black or Bronze. There is a vast range of different designs which can suit a traditional or contemporary home, and we also supply an accessible design, which has an extended grip on the turn and release mechanism to make it easier to operate.

If you browse through our range of escutcheons and turns you should be able to find suitable internal ironmongery to suit your interior design, and if you need any further information, contact our sales team today.  

what are escutcheons and turns?