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What Are Lever Handles?

Adding the finishing touches to a new home or a major home improvement project is one of the most exciting elements for anyone with an interest in interior design. Attention to detail is hugely important, particularly at the end stage where the smallest addition or installation can make a big difference.

Lever handles are a good example of this; something of an after-thought in the big scheme of things when you are moving into a new house, or installing a new kitchen, but when you consider how many matching handles you will need, and the overall effect of their uniform appearance, it is essential that you get this element right.

Introducing the lever handle

So what is a lever handle? Well in simple terms it is a type of handle that is attached to a door and is pushed down by hand to activate the opening mechanism. A lever handle will usually come in matching pairs, one for either side of the door. A lever handle has one point of fixing, which is usually circular (the rose), and has a horizontal ‘handle’ which provides the most decorative and design-led element.

Lever handles are used on internal doors, as opposed to pull handles which can also be used on cabinets, drawers and cupboards. However, lever handles are a staple element of ironmongery and interior décor, are easy to install and should provide a robust and consistent operation for many years. 

Our range of lever handles

Lever handles can be supplied in a large range of modern or traditional designs. The handle itself can be straight, curved or angular so that you can choose the style that best suits the rest of your home. It can also be supplied in a range of finishes, such as Antique, Black, Chestnut, Ebony, Polished or Satin.

Most lever handles in our range have a single finish, and the design element comes in the shape and contours of the handle, however, there are some designs which incorporate a more decorative pattern with a material insert on the handle grip.

You can browse our full range of lever handles here and contact our sales team for any questions about price, availability and suitability.

what are lever handles?