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What Are Pull Handles?

When you are designing and installing a new home improvement feature such as a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, it is easy to underestimate the importance of handles. However, handles are a hugely important element in terms of functionality, practicality and their aesthetic appearance.

This is particularly the case with pull handles, because of the sheer number of them you will need. You might think that pull handles are a minor consideration in an overall interior design, but when you think that you need them for doors, drawers, cabinets and cupboards, this adds up to a considerable visual impact, so deciding on the right pull handle is a very important consideration. This also explains why you would opt for a pull handle in a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom design, rather than a lever handle, because a lever handle is only for internal doors, and hence might not match everything else.

How a pull handle works?

The pull handle is a traditional and timeless design that has many flexible uses. A pull handle has two points of fixing, called centres. The measurement between these two centres is the standard way you would select the correct pull handle for your needs. The centres are attached to a long, thin handle which can be positioned in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. This handle is gripped to apply force in a pulling motion, which should be sufficient to open a door.

Pull handles are usually supplied as a single item, because on the opposite side of the door you are pushing the door to open it and hence a pull handle is not appropriate.

Our range of pull handles

The main design element of a pull handle is the handle itself. The centres are usually small rounded fixings which need to be very securely installed, to ensure they withstand the pulling force of opening the door repeatedly. This is the main installation consideration. The handle itself can be rounded, straight, curved or angular, and will suit either a traditional or contemporary home.

Most pull handles are supplied in a range of two finishes, either polished stainless steel or satin stainless steel. However, some of the designs in our range have a material insert which provides a more decorative finish.

You can browse our range of pull handles here and please contact our sales team for further help and advice.  

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