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What Are The Various Styles And Designs Available For Architectural Door Handles?

When choosing suitable architectural door handles for a home or workplace it is important to consider how they impact on the overall aesthetics of the door itself and the space that they inhabit. A single type of door handle can work in both a domestic home and a commercial workplace, but at the same time it can carry very different requirements in terms of its aesthetic qualities and practical uses.

For example, in a home a door handle enhances an interior design and as a decorative detail can have an impact on how your house feels to live in and how it is viewed by others. And in a domestic setting a door handle will be used every day, but not by too many people, so it is not required to be heavy duty or to withstand constant repeated use.  However, in a workplace a door handle faces very different demands. It needs to be strong and robust in the face of heavy traffic, but also to project a professional outlook; so this could be an image that helps the business show expertise, respect and authority, while also providing a pleasant and comfortable work environment internally, which helps with employee morale and hence productivity.  

Factors to consider when choosing an architectural door handle

So when you are looking to consider an architectural door handle you are combining a functional need with an aesthetic need. So the factors to think about relate to how attractive the handle looks but also how durable it is and how practical it is. So these factors should include:

  • Size – Is the handle suitable in terms of its primary function to open the door, but does it also balance out with other surrounding architectural features?
  • Material – The right material will help with durability and cost-effectiveness, so you are not having to replace door handles all the time because they are unsuitable. This also impacts on aesthetic appeal because you don’t want mis-matching handles on different doors, or handles that don’t match other features such as light switches, coat hooks or hand rails etc.
  • Finish – This is the main visual component of a door handle and has a large influence on the decorative appeal. Here you want consistency because the finish on a door handle can be contemporary or can be tied to a more traditional design period.
  • Style – Again this impacts on the overall interior design and whether you want to create a minimalist and modern interior or a traditional and more decorative internal design.

The EM-B range of architectural door handles

The EM-B range of architectural ironmongery reflects the needs we have discussed here, in terms of balancing functionality with decorative appeal. All of these designs are suitable for the home or the workplace and can help to present the overall look you are seeking. These include:

  • Lever handles – These are solid handles fixed at one end and pushed downwards to open a door from either side. The lever is usually in a horizontal position. The popular finish for lever handles is hard-wearing stainless steel, particularly in a workplace where this helps to create and project a modern, thriving and ambitious environment. However, there are also more traditional designs, such as bronze, copper or nickel, which will also work in some workplaces. Each lever design incorporates a different type of grip, which can be straight, bent, curved, decorative, textured or coloured. As well as finish this is the most visual feature and the shape of the lever can be used to reflect the surroundings and complement other features.
  • Pull handlesPull handles can be fixed vertically or horizontally and use two fixings to the door so that, as the name suggests, they can be pulled towards you to open the door. They can be thin and lightweight or thicker and more heavyweight, and consequently can be used for heavy duty doors as well as cupboards, drawers and cabinets. Again, the type of finish and grip is the most influential in terms of aesthetic appeal and the vast choice available through EM-B means you should be able to find something that reflects your needs.

Contact EM-B for professional advice on your architectural door handles

At EM-B we understand the influence that architectural door handles can have and how they have an impact on a home or a business. We can work with you to find the right solution to complement your interior design and advise on common problems encountered as well as handy tips on enhancing durability and visual appeal. So check out our range of premium quality architectural door handles and contact us today.

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