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What difference will the finish of your hardware make, really?

In fact: quite a lot. Ironmongery finishes can make or break the aesthetic of a room. Whilst swapping out door handles and the like for hardware with a different finish seems to be an incredibly minor change to make, it is often the finishing touch you need to really bring a room together.

For example, imagine a typical standard room with white walls, and neutral furniture – similar to what you’d find in a newly built city apartment block. Now imagine it with black hardware: the room is instantly transformed to suit a sleek, modern look. In this case, you may find yourself opting for a satin black finish on a squarer handle, such as the EM-B 3015, to provide some contrast to the white walls and neutral furniture.

On the contrary, if you imagine that very same room, but with brighter hardware, you get an entirely different final look. If you wanted to keep things light and timeless, you could opt for a handle with a finish more similar to gold, such as the EM-B 4010 in polished brass, to maintain the rooms modernity without any harsh contrasts.

On the other end of the design spectrum, that same room could have a more rustic, or vintage interior aesthetic if you were to swap the gold for bronze handles. Bronze hardware is incredibly on trend right now, as it provides some warmth to the minimalist interiors that have taken the design world by storm across these last few years. Here, you may once again find yourself leaning towards the EM-B 4010, just in a different finish – such as dark matt bronze. In fact, the EM-B 4010 comes in an incredible twelve finishes, giving you the flexibility to find a handle that suits your aesthetic. Moreover, if the 4010 isn’t your style, all of our handles come in a range of different finishes, so you’ll be sure to find the hardware that suits your project.

And other materials are available too. Our Kupe Eco range of handles has been curated with a modern eye for detail and contemporary ethical values. Anti-microbial and living finishes like copper and cupronickel make the Eco range the perfect choice for today’s health conscience times. Add to that wood handles and inlays and even leather covering should be chosen to match modern interior design schemes.

So what is on the horizon for ironmongery fashions? We will say one word for now. Knurling. This traditional finish is incoming in all the latest interior trends and the door furniture is unlikely to miss that.

If you have an interior design scheme that you would like to match hardware for, why not try using our mood board facility on our website or call one of our team today on 0113 2459559 to discuss finding the perfect hardware for you.

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Ironongery finishes
Ironmongery finishes