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What Is An Architectural Door Handle And What Are Its Main Functions And Features?

The definition of ‘architecture’ is the discipline or profession of designing buildings with consideration for their construction and ornamentation. So it is not just about how something is built, it is also about how it looks and how it works. And this definition can be extended to help us understand what architectural door handles are and why they are important.

Architecture can be traced right back through history and where ever we have needed doors, we have needed a mechanism for opening and closing them. So perhaps it is no surprise that many architectural door handles are what we consider to be ‘design classics’, because they are made from enduring materials such as wood and metal and are ornate and decorative to reflect design periods from many years ago.

What are architectural door handles?

When designing a building an architect has to look at every detail. And while architectural hardware such as door handles may be one of the last features to be considered, they do complete a project, in the sense that they draw many other features together to ensure design consistency and flow. These details make a difference from an aesthetic point of view, and an architect is looking for door handles to enhance the aesthetics of a building, but at the same time the architect needs door handles to have a functional ability in terms of being safe, reliable and practical.

So the combination of attractive appeal and functionality is what neatly defines architectural door handles, just as it defines architecture itself.

What are the benefits of using architectural door handles?

You may think that architectural door handles are a periphery consideration, but it is important to give them due attention, because these details really matter when considering interior design. There are many benefits to getting architectural door handles right, including:

  • They will look nice and if they reflect current trends may also help to enhance the value of the property
  • They are one of the few building materials that have a tactile connection with the user, ‘The door handle is the handshake of the building’ Juhani Pallasmaa
  • They will blend in with the surroundings to complete an overall ‘look’ for your interior design
  • They are critical to the safe operation of doors
  • They are critical to the everyday functionality of the building
  • They are cost-effective if they are durable and long-lasting and they don’t need to be frequently replaced. Consider architectural door handles in a business, for example, where they are used and touched much more frequently and perhaps not cared for in the same way as someone would in their own home. In this scenario the business requires door handles which look nice but will withstand repeated and constant heavy use.

Factors to consider when choosing the right architectural door handles

You can achieve all of these benefits listed above by choosing door handles of good quality design and manufacture. So this is using the best materials and the best and most practical design skills, and this can still be achieved while providing a decorative appeal also.

However, to ensure that your architectural door handles are practical and long-lasting, you need to think about:

  • Suitability – have you chosen the right door handles for the type of door, cupboard or drawer? Are they practical? Are they heavy duty for a heavy duty door? Or are they too lightweight?
  • Positioning – can you position the door handle to provide the optimum force? If this is done incorrectly the door handle won’t perform to its maximum and you may also damage the door or door handle or injure yourself.
  • Fixing – have you fixed the door handle to the door correctly and securely?
  • Materials – is the material chosen for the handle strong enough for the type of door and the type of use it receives?

Quality architectural door handles from EM-B At EM-B we adapt all these considerations when advising customers on the type of architectural door handles to choose for your home or business. And we always return to the definition of architecture, ensuring that you get the balance right between combining decoration with functionality. Because the details do matter. So if you need any advice on our products or their suitability, contact our sales team at EM-B today

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