Invisibledoors® is a range of concealed frame doorsets, designed to create a perfectly seamless finish to enhance and enrich contemporary interiors. With a range of sizes and specifications for any application, Invisibledoors® can be painted, veneered,laminated or tiled so they simply melt into any design scheme for a flawless minimalist finish.

Invisibledoors® are also a breeze to fit, supplied as a complete doorset with everything needed for speedy installation and pre-cut rebates for hinges or pivots. Doors up to FD120 fire-rating and acoustic properties complete the Em-B Kupe range.

Quadra Riser: Outward opening flush steel riser door system


The Invisibledoors® Quadra Riser is a four sided metal door with insulated core designed to conceal unsightly riser doors and service cupboards while keeping on site installation and snagging to a minimum.


The Invisibledoors® Quadra Riser combines unrivalled usability with discreet design to provide easy access and a completely smooth wall profile, making it ideal for concealing riser doors and service cupboards in corridors, landings and other access areas.

Quadra is supplied as an integral, four sided frame and door system, pre-constructed to form a single robust unit. Every Quadra Riser door is made to measure for every project,  keeping onsite work and snagging to minimum.

System Features:

– Fully pre-hung doorset with all ironmongery fitted

– Fire tested up to 120mins

– Acoustic and air leak tested

– Touch latches and budget locks can be used

– Available with up to 6 leafs in one run