Door Scheduling

Our qualified and experienced architectural ironmongers provide a full scheduling service ensuring that every door on a project – from fire doors to WC doors, from entrance doors to riser doors – work beautifully and comply fully with all specifications, standards and regulations.

Scheduling door hardware – listing and specifying the correct hardware for every door opening in a project – is a skilled and expert task. One that lies at the heart of a building’s ultimate security, accessibility and safety. With doors subject to so much legislation – Building Regs, fire safety legislation, the Equalities Act and performance standards – it’s absolutely vital to get every individual door’s specification correct.

Our team of registered architectural ironmongers work closely with architects, interior designers and contractors to provide high quality door schedules. We ensure that our schedules are prepared to  the best practice guidelines and conform to the latest regulations.

So committed are we to this vital process that we provide a free of charge scheduling service as part of our core service package. It comes with expert advice, problem solving, competitive estimates, and legislative advice as standard.

If you would like to talk to us about your next ironmongery project, get in touch.