Pocket doors

Em-B Eclisse provides the market-leading space-saving sliding door solution to maximise the useable floor and wall space that is lost with conventional swing doors. Pocket doors make for the ultimate in versatility in room planning, instantly converting an open plan area into two more intimate spaces. They allow a building’s layout to flow according to the occupants needs and many homeowners choose pocket doors because they prefer the streamlined, simple, elegant look that pocket doors give.

Unique features

Universal stud system
Compatible with all standard European metal stud wall systems.

Horizontal reinforced bards
Robust and specially formed from 0.7mm galvanized steel, these bars have a specially designed dovetail form which greatly increases the strength and reduces flex.

Metal stop jamb
Reinforces the structure ensuring outstanding rigidity.

Door guide
Quick and easy to fit to the frame. This guide cleverly guarantees a perfectly centred position.

Under door profile
The advantages offered by the Under Door Profile are improved sliding action, increased wear resistance and protection against twisting due to humidity.

Vertical Reinforced Bars
Specially formed from 1.2mm galvanized steel, these bars have a double fold edge profile which greatly increases strength.

Improved Acoustics
The profile of the reinforced bars allows for the installation of sound board, improving the acoustic rating of the partition.

Unique Extractable Track System
Permits easy maintenance and allows easy installation of accessories.