Pocket doors

Em-B Eclisse provides the market-leading space-saving sliding door solution to maximise the useable floor and wall space that is lost with conventional swing doors. Pocket doors make for the ultimate in versatility in room planning, instantly converting an open plan area into two more intimate spaces. They allow a building’s layout to flow according to the occupants needs and many homeowners choose pocket doors because they prefer the streamlined, simple, elegant look that pocket doors give.

Fire testing

The Em-B Eclisse Click Fire door kit has been FD30 rated by International Fire Consultants Ltd with the following modifications:

  • Approved 44mm fire door leaves 44mm are used
  • 15 x 4mm Intumescent strips fitted
  • Fitted in 12.5mm fire-rated plasterboard
  • Maximum door dimensions are not exceeded : contact us for details
Fire Doors