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Our Diverse Range Of Architectural Ironmongery

First and foremost, architectural ironmongery serves a purpose in terms of security as well as compliance with fire, safety and insurance standards and requirements. But at the same time it has an aesthetic appeal which can make a significant impact on your interior design. Of course, access and security is important, but so is decorative style and the visual impact that architectural ironmongery can make.

Architectural ironmongery is an important consideration for architects, interior designers and building contractors when planning and designing schemes and scheduling installations. In terms of visual design, architectural ironmongery can deliver a theme and also a consistency that few other interior design features can provide. In this respect, detail matters very much and hence, the diverse range of products supplied by EM-B offer you the best possible opportunity of finding the design theme you want and making sure it has the desired impact.

What you want from your architectural ironmongery

Primarily you want architectural ironmongery:

  • To be high quality
  • To be functional and well-crafted
  • To complement the overall interior design

In addition to this, the EM-B range of architectural ironmongery services your practical and functional needs in terms of:

  • Access control
  • Door operation
  • Safety and security

The EM-B range of architectural ironmongery

To achieve the objectives of the customer, EM-B have curated a range of architectural ironmongery that uses the best-known manufacturers, develops new products to suit changing needs and is competitively priced. But stylistically, we ensure all of our products have a form, texture, colour and finish that meets current trends, traditional tastes and also has an eye on future needs.  

  • Lever handles

A lever handle is usually supplied as a pair of units which are fitted to either side of an internal door. A lever handle is used to open a door by putting downward force on the lever to activate the door mechanism. Lever handles are short, singular and connected to the door at one end. The range of lever handles supplied by EM-B include straight, minimalist and contemporary designs, often finished in polished chrome or satin stainless steel, and also more decorative and curved handles which follow more classic and traditional trends. These handles are often finished in antique brass or copper, or they may have an insert for the hand grip on the handle such as oak or leather.  

  • Pull handles

Pull handles can be either vertical or horizontal, but are fixed to the door at two points, known as centres. So a pull handle is a simple, one-piece unit which enables the user to grab the handle and use more force to pull a door open, hence, they are perhaps more suitable for heavier doors and can also be used on drawers, cupboards and cabinets. Our range of pull handles are similarly contemporary or traditional, and hence can be straight or curved or more decorative, and can have a finish to suit your interior design. These can be chrome or stainless steel, or can have plastic or leather inserts which can also be coloured to match your interior scheme. 

  • Escutcheons and turns

Escutcheons and turns are a range of two-piece turn and release mechanisms used for internal doors where locking is required, so bathrooms, toilets, en-suites and downstairs toilets. These are simple designs with a turning mechanism fitted to the inside of the door enabling the user to lock the door, and a visual indicator fitted to the outside of the door. This is usually a slotted component which enables someone from the outside to unlock the mechanism on the inside in an emergency situation. Our range of escutcheons and turns includes both square and rounded pieces and also includes backplates and keyhole covers and is mainly contemporary designs which are typically finished in polished or satin stainless steel.

Our range of architectural ironmongery is amongst the most varied, high quality and competitively priced in the UK, so contact our sales team today and we can help you in the next step to perfecting your interior design while ensuring your property is practical and functional too.

Ironongery finishes
Ironmongery finishes