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Sliding into Extra Space with Pocket Doors

To many, the advantages of sliding doors are obvious: not only can they help create a sleek aesthetic, moving away seamlessly to open up spaces (or close them off), as required, but they also help save space, too. Whilst both of these are ideal benefits for homeowners and hotel owners alike, the latter should be particularly aware of the space-saving benefits that sliding doors offer.

For many hotels, space directly correlates to profit. The more space you have, the more facilities you can fit in – and the more facilities you have, the more you can charge. Traditional swing doors need room to open and close, blocking off space that is otherwise useable. This makes sliding doors, such as Em-B’s Pocket Doors, the perfect choice to remedy this issue – no need to leave swing room, allowing you to use the floor space to its full potential.  

Nowhere is this more apparent than in bedroom en suite bathrooms where the swing of an ordinary hinged doors will eat into the valuable square feet available. While decor tips and tricks from bright lighting, large mirrors, and using pale, reflective colours will get customers so far in maximising the illusion of space, it is worth considering the practical ways of actually saving space, to make the most of what little space is available. Pocket doors solve that problem in one fell swoop and allow much more flexibility of sanitaryware layout in a confined space.

What’s more, sliding doors can help you create spaces within your hotel that are incredibly versatile, too. Sliding doors create boundaries that are easily movable: conference rooms and other shared spaces can be opened up to cater to larger groups, but then can also be closed off to cater to multiple functions. This adaptability further feeds into the relationship between space and profit: allowing your business to host either one bigger function, or multiple smaller functions at once, ensures that you are always utilising the space to its best extent.

You don’t have to worry about the doors ruining the aesthetic of the room, either. Whilst traditional hinged doors have to be propped open with often unsightly doorstops or the like, pocket doors simply slide away for an effortlessly sleek look – allowing the layout to flow as if the doors were never even there.  This makes them perfect for hotels: allowing you to have both practicality and aesthetics, without compromising either.

However, for hotels, in particular, maintenance is a key thing to consider. Sliding doors need to be easily installed, as well as easily maintained, to allow you to maximise your space without wasting the extra profit on maintenance. Luckily, Em-B’s pocket doors are fitted with a unique extractable track system, permitting easy maintenance and the easy installation of accessories, every time.

So, if you’re a hotel owner, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with a member of our team today on 0113 245 9559 to see how our pocket doors can benefit you.

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