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Access Flexibility for Flexible Working

Working practices are more flexible than ever before. Many people they are entering their third year of WFH (Working From Home) and, while there may be many advantages to staying in the home, many people are finding it either lonely and boring, or distracting and unfocussed. One of the options for many employees, self-employed or micro-businesses is to use the many co-working spaces that are springing up in Britain’s towns and cities.

By their very nature co-working spaces are open to many. That poses challenges for security and access control with many people coming and going at different times who want quick and easy-to-use access, coupled with security for themselves and their possessions. Traditional corporate offices deal with a constant workforce who generally come and go at similar times. Busy, high traffic co-working spaces have a constant tide of people ebbing in and out, often with different levels of access, including visitors. This makes the issue of security and controlling the access more complex than for traditional commercial spaces.

Traditional keys – even their more counterparts like key cards and key fobs  – are a real headache for administrators at co-working spaces. Keeping track of keys, dealing with lost keys, and the problem of ex-workers having access to the property through rogue keys can be  a nightmare. That’s why smart keys and levers and door readers – as part of an overarching access control system – are becoming an increasingly popular solution for co-working spaces. As well as enhanced security, these systems off simpler, more straightforward management for administrators and faster simpler access for users. They can even be incorporated into other business systems such as bookings, community engagement and space management.

Using Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, biometric readers, or code systems, access control readers offer some of the most versatile solutions for secure, future-proof access control systems. New co-working members can be on-boarded seamlessly – in some cases as simple as downloading an app – with no need to hand out keys (which are easily lost) and no need to chase them for a card or key back when their contract ends or need to keep a track of who has which card or fob.

Many of our modern access control systems have a full web interface to allow administrators to operate, maintain and secure the door system easily and effectively and to change and upgrade member privileges without having to have a face-to-face meeting.

The access control system can also be built out to encompass other aspects of co-working life. For instance at Em-B we can offer o suit the new normal ways of working we offer a variety of specialist access solutions including parcel delivery solutions, asset management, lockers, and secure mailboxes.

If you are running or opening co-working space, we can offer a complete accredited installation service for our access control solutions nationwide. We have decades of experience and our turnkey service is carried out by our own in house engineers who are experienced in fitting, commissioning and problem solving on site.

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