What difference will the finish of your hardware make, really?

Ironongery finishes

In fact: quite a lot. Ironmongery finishes can make or break the aesthetic of a room. Whilst swapping out door handles and the like for hardware with a different finish seems to be an incredibly minor change to make, it is often the finishing touch you need to really bring a room together. For example, […]

Sliding into Extra Space with Pocket Doors

To many, the advantages of sliding doors are obvious: not only can they help create a sleek aesthetic, moving away seamlessly to open up spaces (or close them off), as required, but they also help save space, too. Whilst both of these are ideal benefits for homeowners and hotel owners alike, the latter should be […]

What can Architectural Ironmongery Achieve for a Boutique Hotel?

Grantley Hall Hotel

The formula for a luxury hotel, on the surface, seems simple: good interior design, impeccable customer service, and maybe a few nice fluffy pillows to boot. But, in practicality, it often isn’t that straightforward. Good interior design means nothing if the hotel isn’t fire-safe or secure, and likewise, fluffy pillows won’t drown out any excess […]

Andrew Cooke Joins Em-B Solutions

Andrew Cooke

Door hardware specification specialist Andrew Cooke has joined award-winning architectural ironmonger Em-B as its new Business Development Director. He brings more than thirty years experience in architectural ironmongery and latterly the doorset industry having held senior positions with some of the biggest names in the trade, and Andrew is taking on the challenge of driving […]

Em-B is the winner of winners for Grantley Hall project

AI Specification Awards - Winner of Winners

Em-B Solutions and Architects Bowman Riley has scooped the top prize that this year’s Guild of Architectural Ironmongery / RIBA Specification Awards, named Winner of Winners for their work at the Relais and Chataux Grantley Hall Hotel in North Yorkshire. The biennial Specification awards recognise design excellence in architectural ironmongery specification projects and are awarded […]

The Importance of Fire Door Maintenance: Keeping Safe

Fire Doors

A common myth about fire doors is that once they’re installed, the work stops there. This is incorrect! Leaving a fire door without regular maintenance means that it could stop working as it’s meant to – and you’ll only find that out in the case of an emergency. This can lead to catastrophic consequences, so […]

Access Flexibility for Flexible Working

Co-Working Space

Working practices are more flexible than ever before. Many people they are entering their third year of WFH (Working From Home) and, while there may be many advantages to staying in the home, many people are finding it either lonely and boring, or distracting and unfocussed. One of the options for many employees, self-employed or […]

Project roundup

An effective access control system is not simply a security system. It also regulates and monitors the safety, security and integrity of a building, a room, or site. It controls who can enter, and when, gives building owners the opportunity to manage who has access, at what time, and for what reason, protecting both property […]