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The Importance of Fire Door Maintenance: Keeping Safe

A common myth about fire doors is that once they’re installed, the work stops there. This is incorrect! Leaving a fire door without regular maintenance means that it could stop working as it’s meant to – and you’ll only find that out in the case of an emergency. This can lead to catastrophic consequences, so it’s important not to skip out on fire door maintenance.

Fire doors are an important part of any building, as they’re a passive way to prevent fires from spreading. They can protect escape routes from the effects of fire, such as smoke, gases and flames, in order to help a building’s inhabitants exit safely. They can also potentially slow the growth of a fire by limiting the amount of oxygen available, which helps with damage limitation.

Therefore, with all of the safety benefits that fire doors provide, it’s clear to see how important it is that they are maintained. Regular fire door inspections help confirm that a fire door will behave as it should in an emergency which not only means your building will be up to fire safety standards, but also has the added benefit of prolonging the life of your fire door too.

So, does fire door maintenance actually entail?

There are many things you may need to check when inspecting fire doors: from checking that the door hasn’t dropped, to tightening and replacing fixings, to checking the door closes at any angle, the list goes on! That’s why its important that fire door inspections are carried out by a competent person – to make sure the inspection is thorough and that the fire door is up to standard.

That’s why Em-B offers a comprehensive support package to help keep fire doors at their optimum performance level. We know that a project doesn’t end once products are delivered to site. Our support package includes installation and maintenance guides, onsite visits and telephone support, as well as maintenance contracts to ensure that your fire door is working properly and complying with fire safety legislation for years to come.  What’s more, we also provide advice on all of the requirements of Doc M and the Equality Act, to ensure buildings remain accessible to all.

To find out more about how Em-B provide you with the right tools to ensure that your building is up to standard, get in touch with our team today. You can call us on 0113 245 9559, or submit a form here and we’ll get back to you.

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