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What can Architectural Ironmongery Achieve for a Boutique Hotel?

The formula for a luxury hotel, on the surface, seems simple: good interior design, impeccable customer service, and maybe a few nice fluffy pillows to boot. But, in practicality, it often isn’t that straightforward. Good interior design means nothing if the hotel isn’t fire-safe or secure, and likewise, fluffy pillows won’t drown out any excess noise to give your customers a good night’s sleep. That’s why, for a hotel to be luxurious, you need to go beyond surface-level luxury. Everything, down to the hotel’s very bones, should be focused on giving your customers the perfect stay – which is where architectural ironmongery comes in. Investing in good quality ironmongery and a solid access control system can help bring your boutique hotel to the next level for a number of different reasons.

One of the main positives about investing in good quality ironmongery is that physical interactions with things like door handles can give a feeling of luxury. Door handles are one of the most common touch points throughout a hotel, and so guests will be able to tell the difference between a flimsy, cheap handle and a more sophisticated and robust one. Therefore, it’s important not to skimp out – you want your hardware to feel just as good as the rest of the hotel’s interior looks.

Building on this, a good quality door handle will not compromise the hotel’s aesthetics. Likewise, any architectural hardware should keep with the hotel’s design scheme, so that everything blends seamlessly together.  Luckily, here at Em-B, we have a range of lever handles in a variety of different finishes, so you can find one that suits your needs.

Another thing you should be sure not to skimp out on is the acoustic quality of your doors and windows. Guests staying at a boutique hotel will expect to be able to sleep soundly, and they won’t be able to do that if they can hear the TV blaring next door, or people talking in the corridor as they go back to their rooms for the night. Therefore, acoustically sealing rooms should be a top priority for any hotel, but especially for hotels that want to lay claim to being luxurious.

Finally, it’s important to also acknowledge that your guests will want to feel safe in your hotel, especially if it attracts high-worth individuals who may have security concerns. A good quality access control system, such as our hybrid model, can help you achieve this. Our hybrid model allows you to choose your basis: you could choose a classic key card or fob system for your guests, or allow guests to set a code that only they know. Access control can also be used for staff access, too, meaning that staff coming in at different times can still have access to all of the places they need, without compromising on security.

If you have any questions about how to make your hotel the epitome of luxury, then get in contact with us today on 0113 245 9559 and we’d be more than happy to help.

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